Social Visual Merchandising for modern retailers

A new dimension of Business Intelligence.

"What is happening in our stores today?"

TouchBase is a tool that simplifies communications and report management between managers and visual merchandisers out on the field.


Create unique shopping experiences

TouchBase makes it simple to collect and categorize images and data that is vital for a Visual Merchandiser. We then synchronize and visualise the reports so that You can understand what has been done and what needs to be done.


Olivia spends her days as concept developer at a fashion retail company with 80 stores in Europe. She wants to understand how the products from the latest campaign has been exposed by the store managers in Sweden.

She simply creates a new project in TouchBase and connects the stores in Sweden to the project.


Alicia, Lenita and Maria works as Visual Merchandisers in the Swedish stores. They will receive a notification on their phones with a request from Olivia regarding the exact changes that each VM needs to carry out.


Olivia is updated in realtime and can see the status of the project and get back to each VM with precise feedback.

Users can also share knowledge and insights, write instructions on the blog and update files related to projects.


Feedback in realtime

With TouchBase you get realtime notifications when someone in Your team or project makes changes or updates that is related to You.

Fast, easy and convenient!

Create reports, collect data and take action


Easy questionnaires

Create projects with simple questionnaires and get instant and valuable feedback from the stores.



Colleagues are instantly and automatically notified when a new questionnaire is created for their project.


All mobile

Every team member can quickly and easily answer the questions in a report from the management team.


A picture says more than...

The in store assistants can easily fill out a detailed report with images and/or comments.


Be in control

Be upto speed on where You need to put Your attention and take action to create a more delightful retail experience.



Management staff can quickly review stats per store and gain crucial insights on projects and tasks.


Shared knowledge is power

VMs and store assistants can easily share tips and ideas to the rest of the team in an instant.


Business Intelligence

Leverage the data collected with TouchBase to take powerful action in order to increase satisfaction among colleagues and customers.


No maintenance

No hassle with expensive servers and hardware. We will maintain everything from new features and updates to daily backups.


Visual Merchandising with finess

We have created TouchBase with You and Your VM team in mind. You can now keep Your team up to speed with everything that is happening in a simple and smooth manner.

Safe as your bank

TouchBase uses the same security solutions as the worlds leading banks. All data between Your devices are encrypted with encryption protocols.


TouchBase by Will & Skill AB

We have 10 years of experience when it comes to digital product development. We believe that great technology should delight and empower our partners in creating unique and memorable retail experiences.

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